Digital marketing is simple.

Stop complicating it.

World-class SEO Sprints and Analytics Sprints training designed for quick, repeatable results for you and your team.

 Results-focused Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) training courses 

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Learn SEO and GA4 the Sprint Way

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Analytics GA4 Sprints

Google Analytics is requiring everyone to switch to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) by July 2023. But did you know companies switching now are far better off than those waiting till 2023? Discover why, then learn GA4 with GA4 Sprints.

SEO Sprints

Stop googling your way through SEO. The so-called "SEO gurus" are teaching one-size-fits-all SEO methods--but your site is one-of-a-kind, so it needs a unique SEO plan tailored to it. Use SEO Sprints to turn your site into a traffic-generating machine.

They started Sprint Marketing, and look at what happened...

Even with just the first two sprints under our belts, we're feeling much more confident and comfortable with GA4 than we were before.

Emily S.

Head of Marketing

I completed the second sprint and I now have GA4 installed on my website, ready to start collecting data. I feel 10x more prepared once GA3 is removed from the web. Thank you, Sprint Marketer Team!

Therese R.

SEO Specialist

I've just completed the first sprint and I'm very impressed so far! I'm a big fan of having to share your learnings at each milestone/step. Wow.

Jacob B.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Sprint Marketer has been a positive-ROI investment for my team. It's exactly what they needed to demonstrate the impact of marketing to the leadership team. The team is motivated and consistently applying new learnings that advance the business

Sami Y.

Chief Marketing Officer

I completed the first Sprint in GA4 Sprints and... how do we persuade you to teach us all sorts in exactly this format?!  

Mel C

Marketing Director

I just received access to GA4 Sprints and I'm in awe. Not only is it a great guide for mastering GA4 but there's such a positive community of people. This is what sharing knowledge looks like!

Laura A.

Marketing Director

What is Sprint Marketer?

We set out to change the game. And we did.

Sprint Marketer is a lovely community where marketers like you use our exclusive SEO Sprints and Analytics Sprints to quickly generate repeatable results for the business without overwhelm.

Sprint Marketer was built on the idea that it shouldn't be this frustrating to learn, and stay up-to-date with, digital marketing.  

Every so-called guru throws content at you, with no clear milestones to help you generate real, repeatable, tangible results--not us.

We've changed the game.

We speak in Sprints and Finishlines.

What are Sprints?

A Sprint is a milestone that helps you accomplish a specific goal.  

For example, our GA4 Sprints training consists of a set of Sprints (milestones) that help you learn and master GA4 (which is the goal).

Each Sprint is uniquely designed to deliver results.

What are Finishlines?

We always pair our Sprints with Finishlines.

Finishilines are checklists or tasks you check off as you complete each milestone or Sprint.

By pairing our milestones with specific checklists, you can easily benchmark your progress against the goal, quickly get unstuck, and get results faster.

Sprints and Finishlines are exclusive to us.

You won’t find them anywhere else on the planet.

"The only digital marketing training courses that generated a positive ROI our business."

Marian Tyson, CMO

Everyday Marketers vs. Sprint Marketers


  • Uncertainty, overwhelm or chaos
  • Slow, few, sporadic or no results
  • Expensive outside contracts 
  • Burnout
  • No process, stuck in the "doing" 
  • Disoriented teams


  • Clear roadmap of what to do, when and how
  • Quick, repeatable, predictable results
  • Budget smartly spent
  • Work-life balance
  • Everything documented, focused on growth 
  • Team zen 

Finally, learn SEO and GA4 the Sprint Way

Our SEO and GA4 training courses work. Period.