Is there Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Training?

Currently, Google does not have any training available for Google Analytics 4 (GA4). So where you can still get valuable GA4 training? Let's discuss.

Does Google offer Google Analytics 4 (GA4) training?

The answer is no. Currently, Google does not offer formal training for Google Analytics 4 (GA4). This is likely because GA4 is an evolving product and is under heavy development.

When GA4 was first launched in late 2020, it had many glitches that Google has continuously worked out. In fact, Google continues to keep a change log of GA4 releases month. 

Until GA4 is a stable product, Google will likely not offer formal training. But since Google has offered training for past versions of Google Analytics, it's very likely that once GA4 is stable, Google will offer training for GA4 as well.

Does Google offer a Google Analytics 4 (GA4) certification?

The answer is no. Google does not currently offer a GA4 certification. GA4 is too new and changes too frequently for Google to certify individuals, simply because the certification will be based on a moving target of information. 

Google will likely offer GA4 certification in the future, but only after the GA4 product is a more stable product. 

Where can you get GA4 training?

Option 1 - Use Google's GA4 demo accounts

One way to get GA4 training is to import Google's demo accounts into your own GA4 account so you can see what's possible. 

How to do this: Google allows anyone to import and work with the GA4 data from its Google Merchandise Store.  Google's GA4 demo accounts are fully functional Analytics accounts that any Google user can access to look at real business data and experiment with GA4's features.

Option 2 - Take GA4 training from third parties

There are a plethora of individuals and companies that offer Google Analytics 4 training. 

But like any investment, you will want to make sure that you research the company before working with them to ensure they are a reputable brand. 

One good method is to review any free content offered by the company--perhaps their Youtube videos, free courses, blog posts. These will help you get familiar with the company or the individual and most importantly, help you decide if their teaching methods align with how you and your team learn best. For example, here at Sprint Marketer, we let you start learning GA4 for free with us to decide if you like our approach to GA4 training.

Many of these companies also offer their own GA4 certifications as well. These certifications test your understanding of their GA4 training content, not Google's. So keep that in mind. Third-party GA4 certifications can still be quite valuable because they prove that you successfully learned GA4 from a reputable company or individual.

Let's summarize

In summary, there is no official GA4 training or GA4 certification from Google at this time. But you can still learn GA4 and get certified by taking GA4 training courses from reputable companies such as Sprint Marketer.

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